Welcome all to the Wormlab, and thanks for taking a peek at the images I make.

I started DSLR photography (December 2009) as a way of documenting the group of animals (marine worms) that I study. Initially, this site was an experiment in how effectively I could take normal lens photography and adapt it to photomicrography. That experiment has been a resounding success--actually it's been too much of a good thing--and now I have thousands of images that I have to process, and so I don't normally post my photomicrographs anymore in this space.

In the interim, I've come to fall in love with photography in-general, and my aim now is to improve as best I can at it. I'm an old obstinate dog trying to learn some new tricks, and having lots of fun in the bargain. My eyes are learning to see again-- or perhaps more accurately--for the first time. Thanks for stoping by, Cheers.